Everything is Energy.

Ayu means Life.

Life is a flow of Prana, the Ultimate Rejuvenating, and Reviving Factor. This intelligent life energy permeates the entire creation. 

Our health and well being depends on this life force energy. 

At AyuRevive, the focus is on improving the reception and flow of Prana in your body, whether it is through Ayurveda or Reiki.

Recharge Your Body
Clear Your Mind
Refresh Your Spirit


How do you feel each morning? Are you waking up with enthusiasm and zest, ready to take on the day?  Or do you wake up feeling tired and depleted?

Ayurveda is the user's manual for your body, mind, and soul.  We are born with a unique energy print.


Are you influenced by Soma, the cooling, nurturing energy of the Moon? Or are you influenced by Agni, the fiery, transformative energy of the Sun? Perhaps your body and mind are influenced by Marut, the Wind energy that governs the movement and flow in our body? Discover your unique constitution with an Ayurvedic Pulse Consultation.

Get empowered to enhance your health and wellbeing. When your body and mind are balanced, you can align with your Higher Self and live your soul purpose.

Energy Healing is a powerful tool to receive Source Energy to balance, heal, and align. I channel Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®. These sessions can be done remotely, from anywhere in the world. 

Ayurveda and Energy Healing facilitates balance and wellness at all levels of our being, allowing us to reach new levels of self-awareness and self-growth.  




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Thank you so much for the beautiful distance reiki healing. You literally hit everything on the head. My clairsentience was off the charts. Electricity pulsing through my legs. Warmth in the heart. Jumping in my solar plexus. Extreme pressure in my jaw and radiating towards my 3rd eye. First time I saw such vivid colours in my 3rd eye. Muffled ear upon beginning and then I felt a clearing out of my ears, felt like this was opening up my clairaudience. Beautiful

—  Tiffany T.

Video Testimonials

Clients speaks about their experience with the Marma and Reiki treatment she received from Purnima Chaudhari at AyuRevive Ayurveda.

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