If you can’t swallow it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin!

Skin is the largest organ. Whatever we apply on the skin gets absorbed into the blood stream and distributed all over the body. Most skin care products are full of synthetic chemicals that are very toxic and don’t provide any nutrition to the skin. At AyuRevive, we use organic, natural skincare. 


Skin Nutrition Facial 

Uniquely formulated from organically grown, hand-harvested and handcrafted HUNA products provide deep nourishment and protection to your skin. Skin will appear radiant and healthy! HUNA has been awarded the Best Organic skincare in North America.

Treatment includes deep cleansing, aromatic steam, Purnima’s signature massage, mask and a medley of nutritious products.

SVA Transdermal Marma Facelift

Marmas are like pranic switches. They are connected to the pranic channels, chakras and different organs and organ systems. Stimulating marmas enhances the reception and flow of prana. SVA Transdermal Marma is like first aid for the subtle body. 


Ayurvedic formulations by world-renowned Master Ayurvedic physician, formulator and researcher, Vaidya R. K. Mishra are used to create radiant, youthful glow and bliss. These herbal products are vibrationally rich and contain the highest preservation of prana. 

The benefits of Facial marma treatment:

  • Provides a subtle facelift

  • Opens the vibrational and physical channels of the face

  • Releases the accumulated stress and tension in tissue 

  • Restores the body, mind and heart connection

  • Activates gentle physical, emotional and vibrational detox

  • Enhances the reception and flow of the Prana – the ultimate “balancing factor”

  • Aroma speeds up the delivery of vibrational energy and micro-molecules of the herbs from the cream

  • Rejuvenates overall well-being 

  • Calms the senses


Treatment includes deep cleansing, aromatic steam, SVA Transdermal Facial Marma protocol, Purnima’s signature facial massage, mask and finishing treatment.

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