The universe continues to orchestrate and align the right people, with similar dreams and eventually creativity sparks. Once the sparks ignite, you birth something magical, your Ayurveda & Yoga retreat. AyuRevive and Calderhouse together bring you this offering! 


Yoga and Ayurveda have always been one of the same.  Imagine a coin with the face of Yoga on one side and the flip side with the face of Ayurveda.  You can not have one without the other.  They are as complimentary as the yin and the yang.

Your retreat will take you away at the MoonGate Guesthouse in Whitemouth, MB.  Here you will learn, practice, and embrace the teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda for the season.  Our bodies have rhythms in the cycles of the seasons and we want to share with you how to prepare your mind, body and soul for this rhythm.


This retreat has many elements; nourishment, relaxation, asanas, meditation, inner work, holistic therapies, excursions, fun and some surprises!



“I am still glowing from the “Feed Your Soul Winter Retreat”, hosted by Purnima and Carole. The Moongate Guest House was the perfect place to rest and be nourished by delicious food lovingly prepared by Purnima and daily yoga and meditations led so beautifully by Carole. Purnima thoroughly explained the cooking techniques and the effects of the ingredients on our physical as well as our mental and spiritual body.  I have made the recipes at home and they are easy to make and so tasty! Practising yoga while the sun was rising and meditating while the sun was setting was a magical experience. Carole used the soul reaching sound of the drum, healing vibrations of the singing bowls, and aromatherapy from doTerra Essential oils to deepen our yoga experience. We also received and were taught the procedure for Indian foot massage as well as Indian head massage, both known to have profound effects on our wellbeing. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and the cooking, teachings, practices and activities just flowed seamlessly for one to another.  I felt changed and recharged by this weekend.  I can hardly wait for the next retreat! 

Thank you Purnima and Carole!"


Sandy B. 

FYS Dates for 2019:


Winter Retreat - January 3-28, 2019 FYS  INDIA

Spring Retreat - April 5, 6, 7, 2019

Summer Retreat - July 19, 20, 21, 2019

Fall Retreat - October 4, 5, 6, 2019

" Feed Your Soul

Flow, the flow of the river,

Flow, the flow of energy,

Flow, the flow of knowledge,

Flow, the flow of support,

Flow, the flow of love."



Thelma (FYS Spring Soul)

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