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As I sat by the ocean receiving distance Reiki from Purnima a bald eagle flew by along the beach. I took this as a sign of course. My session was comforting and relaxing like a warm hug. I felt lighter afterward. I went into the meditative state that Reiki can provide and when my session ended I was refreshed and alert. Purnima passed on messaged that she received for me and some tips and tricks to implement additional healing. She has generous, warm energy, and I grateful to have received Reiki from her. 

Catherine M.
Seattle, WA, U.S.A.

Purnima did  20 minutes of distance reiki on my cat, Feesh and a few minutes after she got up and ate for the first time all day. Now she's awake and seems so much more alert.

Ashley Wood

My daughter and I received distance reiki from Purnima. During the session, my legs started to feel like someone had poured warm liquid into my body that was filling up, starting at my feet and moving. It felt sort of tingly, it lasted through the night and I feel different today. My daughter slept through the whole night. It was completely unlike her. Normally she just flails about and complains with the most painful sounds and nurses nonstop. Her body was so open and her limbs out instead of her usual posture and I felt the same way. I cannot Thank you enough! That was incredible. 

Mother and daughter from Texas

Thank you so much for the beautiful distance reiki healing. You literally hit everything on the head. My clairsentience was off the charts. Electricity pulsing through my legs. Warmth in heart. Jumping in my solar plexus. Extreme pressure in my jaw and radiating towards my 3rd eye. First time I saw such vivid colours in my 3rd eye. Muffled ear upon beginning and then I felt a clearing out of my ears, felt like this was opening up my clairaudience. Beautiful

Tiffany T.

Marma Therapy is one of the highest forms of healing that I have experienced. During treatment, I notice that my breath flows through the Marma points with such power yet quietness. My mind no longer chatters and I am in a deep stillness where a colorful vibrant world emerges.

Afterward, that stillness remains for days anchoring me in a feeling of peaceful balanced energy. I have noticed a definite improvement physically with my digestion and nagging little pains in my body has also disappeared. It has enhanced my body awareness both internally and externally. Emotionally and mentally I feel stronger and more stable to handle everyday ups and downs and decision making. Spiritually, I have a greater awareness of that ‘wholeness’.

Purnima is a precious gift. She is one of those rare individuals that are comprised of so much Compassion, Love and Wisdom.Thank you, Purnima for all that you do.

- T. Bell

Purnima provides an excellence in skin care that I never considered to find in Winnipeg. Indeed, it is her wisdom and expanding practice of Ayurveda that has captivated me!! Her ayurvedic treatments have shifted my perception on what is important for a personal skin care regime, and more so just how critical these treatments are for ‘Total Wellness’. Purnima’s specialized techniques/treatments benefit the complete self: body, mind and spirit. I experience a “system balancing”, as there is both a calming and a revitalizing within myself – during and after the treatments. I have not felt the same depth of renewal in any previous spa/aesthetician experience. With each visit, I observe immediate results and feel a greater sense of inner harmony. Purnima’s treatments/techniques have created an incredible refinement of my skin, as several personal long-standing skin challenges have been eliminated. There is no comparison to previous ‘traditional aesthetic services’, which were repeatedly unsuccessful to resolve these same challenges. Also, Purnima frequently suggests complementary home strategies to supplement the professional treatments. She shares many insights on influencing factors and elements of Ayurveda, which have facilitated true personal rejuvenation for me.

Purnima is exceptional, with an unparalleled professional commitment to enhance her client: through customized treatments, detailed monitoring, unique product selection, and more.

I have been a loyal client for several years. Time spent with Purnima is truly a gift of renewal for myself, which I consider essential!

- With deep appreciation, Kelley R.

This beautiful women has been a blessing, a true definition of pure love!
I have experienced her profound gifts through her consultations, Reiki, diet suggestions and transdermal marma treatments Just being in her her presence is healing. You will leave her treatment with your heart full, relaxed and blessed. Thank you Purnima for spreading the love xo

Twyla Dawn

As a caregiver for 10 years my health and energy had deteriorated to the point that the alternative health interventions that I had been using for 28 years, were no longer working. Friends encouraged me to have a marma therapy treatment with Purnima and out of desperation I did. From the point when she lay her hands on me and began working, I could feel the years of stress melt away. Energizing each area that was blocked allowed the energy to flow through me and for the first time in years I was in a state of complete relaxation and bliss. Afterwards Purnima told me that she could barely find my pulse. That confirmed my own experience. My condition improved over the next few days. With the addition of herbs for elimination my system is now functioning better than it ever has. Purnima is compassionate, gentle, sensitive and very caring. I highly recommend her.. 5 stars. 

Susan W.

“Purnima practices Ayurveda from the heart and is a gift to our community. I have been the recipient of some of her treatments (procedures) and would highly recommend her services.”


- Leona S.

Purnima Chaudhari's Marma Therapy is a unique approach to massage that focuses on the nadis (subtle energy channels) of the body, rather than the usual muscles, nerves, and joints.  The effect is powerful--rejuvenating not only physically, but on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well.   If an ordinary massage is heavenly, then Marma Therapy is surely Divine.

All the very best,

Alan G.

My experience at AyuRevive Ayurveda has been remarkable! I searched for many years for help for severe heavy metal poisoning. My search took me to Purnima Chaudhari at AyuRevive Ayurveda. I finally felt like someone heard me and truly cared for the betterment of my health. I didn't have to convince her as she already had the knowledge necessary to help me in many ways. She helped me not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in my healing. I will be forever grateful for her support and wisdom that she passed along to me.

Corry K.

Purnima has a healing touch and a soothing presence. After any treatment, I have always gone away feeling calm, cared for and nourished, both physically as well as emotionally. Purnima offers a wide variety of services, all delivered with utmost professionalism in a clean and relaxing atmosphere.

Purnima uses a wide variety of professional products. It is through her extensive knowledge and years of experience that she is able to offer customized treatment for each person. Every service is individualized.

I have referred friends to see Purnima for services and like me, they have all come away rejuvenated and happy. I know these people have in turn given gift certificates to their friends and family after their experience with Purnima’'s magical touch.

I look forward to many more years of seeing Purnima at AyuRevive. Given her commitment to life long training and her zest for life, I feel truly blessed to be the recipient of her gentle care.

- Sandy B.

I am so grateful to have found Purnima. Even though I'm in Greece and she's in Canada, I could feel her working on me and could feel energy and light moving through my body. It was like my soul had a bubble bath. Her insights after were also so in tune and spot-on. I don't always trust my intuition, but she validated so many things for me, giving me a renewed sense of connection to the divine, trust in myself, and excitement for what's to come. I can't wait to gift sessions for my family!


Again, thank you! 


Much love,

Emmy, Greece

I had an amazing reiki session with Purnima! We definitely connected and there was a noticeable and positive shift in my energy after the session.

Emma B.

We were in the midst of a move, and one of my cats, Stevie, started becoming more anxious - going to the bathroom outside of her litter box, fighting more with the other cats, just generally super unsettled. Purnima treated Stevie via distance reiki, and after the first session, sent a very thorough voice note explaining that she felt, and worked on removing, an entity from Stevie. Immediately, we noticed improvements in Stevie’s behaviors - she resumed using her litter box appropriately, had way less fights with the other cats, and was way more settled. Purnima worked on Stevie a second time, and we noticed she was even more settled, cuddly and relaxed after her second reiki session. Thank you so much, Purnima, for your powerful energy healing work. I am so thankful that your reiki has helped Stevie through this move 🤍

Tanya N.


I had been contemplating learning Reiki for a couple of years, but it always remained a thought. I’m not sure if the reason was that I didn’t really believe that I was “capable” of doing something like that or that I just never found the right teacher to inspire me to take action. However, as I have had amazing sessions with Purnima, it was not even a question of “if,” but rather of “when.” So, when she announced that she was teaching Reiki online, it was an immediate “Yes!” in my mind. Even though I live on another continent, I knew that I had found the right teacher in Purnima. I loved the training. It’s so apparent that Purnima is living out her purpose and delivers the information in such a supportive, loving, and warm way. The whole experience was very powerful, and I’m so happy I invested in myself and a healing modality that will only enrichen my life and the lives of those around me.


Emmy L.

The online Reiki 1& II course with Purnima was truly one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. I always felt called to learn more about Reiki and the universe delivered Purnima and this course to me with such ease and divine timing. Purnima is such a loving force and her genuine love and respect for reiki is a beautiful thing to see and feel. I love that the online course was kept to a smaller group - it felt very cozy and we were able to get plenty of practice with other members of the class. Purnima gave great visual examples and shared amazing stories about her experiences with reiki. Her method of teaching is gentle yet powerful and rooted in a deep respect for this work. I am honored to have learned from such a knowledgeable and aligned teacher!

Thank you! And many blessings!


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