Marma Therapy is one of the highest forms of healing that I have experienced.During treatment I notice that my breath flows through the Marma points with such power yet quietness. My mind no longer chatters and I am in a deep stillness where a colorful vibrant world emerges.

Afterwards that stillness remains for days anchoring me in a feeling of peaceful balanced energy. I have noticed a definite improvement physically with my digestion and nagging little pains in my body have also disappeared. It has enhanced my body awareness both internally and externally. Emotionally and mentally I feel stronger and more stable to handle everyday ups and downs and decision making. Spiritually, I have a greater awareness of that ‘wholeness’.

Purnima is a precious gift. She is one of those rare individuals that are comprised of so much Compassion, Love and Wisdom.Thank you Purnima for all that you do.

- T. Bell

Purnima has a healing touch and a soothing presence. After any treatment, I have always gone away feeling calm, cared for and nourished, both physically as well as emotionally. Purnima offers a wide variety of services, all delivered with utmost professionalism in a clean and relaxing atmosphere.

Purnima uses a wide variety of professional products. It is through her extensive knowledge and years of experience that she is able to offer a customized treatment for each person. Every service is individualized.

I have referred friends to see Purnima for services and like me, they have all come away rejuvenated and happy. I know these people have in turn given gift certificates to their friends and family after their experience with Purnima’s magical touch.

I look forward to many more years of seeing Purnima at AyuRevive. Given her commitment to life long training and her zest for life, I feel truly blessed to be the recipient of her gentle care.

- Sandy B.

Purnima provides an excellence in skin care that I never considered to find in Winnipeg. Indeed, it is her wisdom and expanding practice of Ayurveda that has captivated me!! Her ayurvedic treatments have shifted my perception on what is important for a personal skin care regime, and more so just how critical these treatments are for ‘Total Wellness’. Purnima’s specialized techniques/treatments benefit the complete self: body, mind and spirit. I experience a “system balancing”, as there is both a calming and a revitalizing within myself – during and after the treatments. I have not felt the same depth of renewal in any previous spa/aesthetician experience. With each visit, I observe immediate results and feel a greater sense of inner harmony. Purnima’s treatments/techniques have created an incredible refinement of my skin, as several personal long-standing skin challenges have been eliminated. There is no comparison to previous ‘traditional aesthetic services’, which were repeatedly unsuccessful to resolve these same challenges. Also, Purnima frequently suggests complementary home strategies to supplement the professional treatments. She shares many insights on influencing factors and elements of Ayurveda, which have facilitated true personal rejuvenation for me.

Purnima is exceptional, with an unparalleled professional commitment to enhance her client: through customized treatments, detailed monitoring, unique product selection, and more.

I have been a loyal client for several years. Time spent with Purnima is truly a gift of renewal for myself, which I consider essential!

- With deep appreciation, Kelley R.

For me, Reflexology is both a therapeutic and mind body experience that far surpasses other treatments. While I have had reflexology in many places across the world, the treatment is only as effective as the practitioner…. and Purnima is an exceptional master of this art and treatment approach. Reflexology helps the body heal itself, and has effectively helped me with such ailments as sinus issues, eustachian tube difficulties, chronic knee problems, and even the periodic back problem. While Purnima’s skill has been a well kept secret among friends, I’d highly recommend her!

- Sarah S.

I am pleased to offer a testimonial for reflexology by Purnima! Along with the amazing wisdom that she imparts regarding eating for doshas and traditional healing tips, she has an amazing ability to feel areas of blockage with just the light touch of her thumbs.

Before you know it, sensation subsides and you are clear! She is also trained in healing by vibration sound and uses a tuning instrument for deep cellular and tissue repair. Amazing!

- Signed by a content Fort Richmond Client

“Purnima practices Ayurveda from the heart and is a gift to our community. I have been the recipient of some of her treatments (procedures) and would highly recommend her services.”


- Leona S.

Purnima Chaudhari's Marma Therapy is a unique approach to massage that focuses on the nadis (subtle energy channels) of the body, rather than the usual muscles, nerves, and joints.  The effect is powerful--rejuvenating not only physically, but on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well.   If an ordinary massage is heavenly, then Marma Therapy is surely Divine.

All the very best,

Alan G.

My experience at AyuRevive Ayurveda has been remarkable! I searched for many years for help for severe heavy metal poisoning. My search took me to Purnima Chaudhari at AyuRevive Ayurveda. I finally felt like someone heard me and truly cared for the betterment of my health. I didn't have to convince her as she already had the knowledge necessary to help me in many ways. She helped me not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in my healing. I will be forever grateful for her support and wisdom that she passed along to me.

Corry K.

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